We are recruiting sponsored riders and brand ambassadors…

Brand Ambassadors

We are recruiting proactive riders / influencers to represent our brand.

This will involve you actively promoting products on your social media and when out riding. This fantastic opportunity allows you to earn commission on every sale you influence.

To become a  Brand Ambasador you must qualify for the following:

  • Ride DH | MTB | Enduro | Dirt Jumps | BMX regularly and feature photos on your social media.
  • Have 500+ Followers on Instagram
  • Be willing to create tasteful ads featuring Antinatural clothing being worn or featured involving riding.
  • Keep a professional proactive attitude and profile as you will be representing the brand.

Brand Ambassador Benefits:

  • 25% Off Antinatural Orders online.
  • 10% Commission paid for every sale you generate online
  • Being part of the Antinatural brand and receiving special offers and ongoing promotions to all Brand Ambassadors.
  • Free Antinatural kit to top 10 Ambassadors and tickets to events
  • Top 10 Ambassadors will be sent on expenses paid trip
  • No. 1 ambassador to receive a Santa Cruz bike at end of trading year.

Sponsored Rider Initiative

Ever fancied being a sponsored rider?

We are looking for a selection of individuals to represent the Antinatural brand and receive the full benefits of being supported by a rapidly expanding name in the MX | MTB | DH market.

To become a Sponsored Rider you must qualify for the following:

  • Be currently Racing, Freestyle, Enduro, Dirt Jumping or represent DH | MTB in more than a leisurely pastime.
  • Be proactive and willing to represent the brand in a professional manner. (some of the time)
  • Have 1k+ Instagram Followers
  • Be willing to wear the Antinatural brand when racing and post monthly on social media platforms.

Sponsored Rider Benefits:

  • Free Unlimited Antinatural kit – including Name & Number Printing & Custom branding
  • Funding for Race Entries and travel costs
  • 10% Commission on any sale you generate online
  • Being part of a rapidly growing brand and continued support with your riding.
  • Vehicle Sponsorship with brand growth.

To apply for either position please fill out your details below: