Custom Road Kits

We produce premium quality Custom Cycling kits, consisting of Custom MTB Jerseys, Custom MTB Shorts and Custom MTB Trousers/Pants. We use the same high-quality fabrics and garments that we use for our ANTI Custom bike shirts. We offer a professional ‘Design Your Own Cycling Jersey’ service by our in-house design team.

Custom Road Jerseys

We now offer custom Road Racing Apparel as part of our custom clothing line.

Custom Road Bib Shorts

Custom Road Cycle Caps

Why choose Antinatural for your team clothing?

We create beautifully made Custom MTB jerseys and Cycling clothing for all types of rider. We make Custom Kids Cycle Jerseys, MTB Shorts and MTB Pants to your required design and specification. We offer a FREE Professional design service to produce truly stunning custom Bike clothing.

ur Custom MTB Kits consist of Custom Bike Jersey, Custom Cycle Shorts and Custom Cycling pants. The kits are fully custom designed and made to your specification.


We offer a FREE professional Design Service to design your own MTB Jersey and Custom Cycling kit.

Our in-house designer is a world renowned MTB kit specialist and has created well-known kits for some of the largest brand in the world.

He is now working solely for Antinatural and can create your team kit using his years of experience in the race industry and creating beautiful personalised cycling jerseys.

He uses a blend of modern, classic and retro styles to produce multi-layered custom bike clothing concepts.

His Black 14 kit is the most popular selling kit and most simple to date.

Enquire today for a Free Custom Kit design.