Custom MTB Shorts

We know you can ride the trail wearing anything you damn well please, but if you’re going to represent, we say go the whole hog. And that means custom MTB shorts as well as your team jersey. That’s for three reasons: look, comfort and performance. Custom mountain bike shorts make a difference on all three counts.

Let’s talk about the look. When you pull on a pair of MTB shorts customised to match your MTB jersey, you’re making a strong statement. That you’re taking this seriously. That you’re part of a team. That you’re organised, committed, leaving nothing to chance. Choose the right supplier for your matching teamwear, and you’ll have kit that sees you through race after race.

Comfort matters. Picture yourself taking on Llanelli’s Battle on the Beach. 45 kilometres of sand and forest track. That means a whole lot of grit, water and sweat. You need the right downhill MTB shorts to even think about entering this competition – cycle shorts designed to take the punishment and keep you as comfortable as possible, with minimal water absorption and as little chafing as possible.

Performance is the product of comfort. Discomfort slows you down, demotivates you, strips you of willpower. Choose shorts designed for mountain biking specifically, and you’re better equipped for the challenge ahead. You wouldn’t take that course on a road racing bike, after all.

Antinatural custom MTB shorts give you exactly what you need to be your best and look your best. They’re made tough and durable – to withstand mile after mile of serious pumping – from a lightweight polyester that repels water and glides over your skin. They have tie and Velcro double fastening to guarantee the right fit. They’re finished with antibacterial nano-treatment, to prevent bacterial build-up and body odour. And each pair of shorts is custom printed to your specification.

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Free custom MTB shorts design service

If you’re thinking of customised bike shorts, you’ve definitely already considered a custom jersey for your team. So, you’ve probably read about our in-house head of cyclewear design, with his years of experience designing rider wear for FOX. Your tops and shorts are going to look seriously special.

Design your own MTB shorts

But if you’re as skilful with design as you are on two wheels, maybe you want to create your own shorts design. Go for it. We’ll tell you what you need to send us when you ask for your quote – and our design team will happily advise you or help iron out any design issues.


  • 100% custom-made garment
  • DriRide moisture wicking stretch fabric
  • DH tie and Velcro double fastening
  • Various pockets, including zipped enclosures
  • Water-repellent
  • Antibacterial silver-nano treatment
  • Matching jersey, shorts & race pants options for a full race kit solution
  • Factory / race-team specification.